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*Inexperienced users may have difficulty controlling the power granted to them.
*Inexperienced users may have difficulty controlling the power granted to them.
*[[Death-Force Absorption]]/[[Entropy Stopping]]/[[Meta Addition]]/[[Soul Energy Absorption]]
*[[Death-Force Absorption]]/[[Entropy Stopping]]/[[Meta Addition]]/[[Object Negation]]/[[Soul Energy Absorption]]
==Known Objects==
==Known Objects==

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Object that grants its user netheric powers. Variation of Powers Via Object. Opposite to Aether Object.

Also Called

  • Chthonian/Chthonic/Entropic/Infernal Object


The user has access to an object that grants them netheric powers. They can range from source materials to apparel to fully-designed weapons; whatever the form, they can impart nether-based powers to those who lack them entirely or augment the already existing entropic capabilities.

The object’s nature and use can come in different ways. It can act as a container for a sealed nether-based entity that transfers its power or inhabits its host (Nether Symbiosis). It can be naturally imbued with chthonic energy that the user wields when activated. It can even be a conduit for a remote source of infernal power. This type of item can impart powerful abilities related to death-force, entropy, spiritual force and/or void; however, its chthonic nature still runs the risk of overwhelming and/or possessing the wielder.




Known Objects


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