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The power to manipulate the wiring and functions in the cerebellum. Sub-power of Mental Manipulation.


The user can manipulate the wiring and functions in the cerebellum allowing them to learn everything: play any musical instrument, possess insight and knowledge about science, practice sports, speak any language, develop psionic powers, memorize anything, discover something and know absolutely everything.


Beginner Level:

Intuitive Level:

Expert Level:

  • Body Supremacy - Perfect control of one's body.
  • Cyber Mind - Can rewire brain and mind to have electronic knowledge, can memorize and store manuals, programs, files, audios, digital photo, sites and can mimic computers and others technologies.
  • Experience Manipulation - To have more experience in any field.
  • Extrasensory Perception - To perceive things by means other than the human senses or personal experience.
  • Instilled Knowledge - Instill knowledge into the mind, rather than acquiring it through studying or experience.
  • Mind's Eye - Awaken the inner consciousness to better broaden ones understanding.
  • Psionics - Unlock ones hidden mental and psychic potential and use it openly.
  • Reality Perception - Can perceive the truth.

Neuro-Psychological Level:

Supreme Level:


  • Unchecked control of the cerebellum's functions can yield undesirable results:
    • Memorized skills or abilities are prompt to be corrupted if one isn't careful enough with one's adjustments.
    • Even possibly, in the worst cases, block this ability entirely.
    • May also disrupt one's sense of balance and coordination.

Known Users

  • Ancients (Stargate SG-1)
  • SCP-606 - The Teacher (SCP Foundation)
  • Lucy (Lucy)

Known Locations

  • SCP-028 - Knowledge (SCP Foundation)

Known Objects

  • Super Smarty Pants (Johnny Test)
  • Repository of Knowledge (Stargate SG-1)
  • Neuromods (Prey)
  • Shanhara Armor (Valiant Entertainment)