The power to manipulate a nexus/hub point for various realities.

Also Called

  • Dimensional Hub Control/Manipulation
  • Dimensional Nexus Control/Manipulation
  • Hub Control/Manipulation
  • Nexus Control


User can manipulate or control a Nexus Point, a dimensional hub that either leads to or is otherwise connected to various realities and acts as an anchor point for all those different realities.




  • May be limited to certain nexuses.

Known Users

  • Prismo (Adventure Time)
  • The Candlemaker (The Book of Life)
  • Brothers Three (DC Comics); via Dimensional Superstructure
    • Anti-Monitor
    • Monitor
    • World Forger
  • Sage (Marvel Comics); merged with the Panoptichron Crystal Palace
  • Panoptichron (Marvel Comics)

Known Locations

  • The Cave of Souls (The Book of Life)
  • Well of Udr (Exalted)

Known Objects

  • Omphalos (Marvel Comic)
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