The ability to use the abilities of Nguruvilu. Variation of Canine Physiology and Mythical Bestiary.


The user is or has the ability to take on the form of Nguruvilu (lit. "fox snake", also: Guirivilo, Guruvilu, Ñuruvilu, Ñirivilu, Ñivivilu, Ñirivilo o Nirivilo), a creature found in the Mapuche mythology of Chile. They are river-dwelling creatures that look much like a fox with a long snake-like body and a long tail with fingernails that it uses like a claw.

Nguruvilus live in and are the cause of dangerous whirlpools which kill people who try to cross rivers. They make the water shallow on either ford, to encourage people to try to cross it making it seem safe. However, the only safe way of crossing a river with a Nguruvilu is by boat.



Known Users

  • Nguruvilu (Mapuche Mythology)
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