" Anu had passed into a benevolent place beyond this broken universe- a paradise of which nothing is known and yet represents perhaps the greatest-kept secret of Creation. Longed for, but unimaginable."
― Book of Cain (Diablo)

The power to transport souls to a state of nirvana. Technique of Buddhaic Plane Manipulation. Variation of Reality Departure. Not to be confused with Afterlife Transport.

Also Called

  • Liberation Inducement
  • Meta/Pata Afterlife Transport


User can ascend/transport souls, willingly or otherwise, into a place beyond the afterlife/to nirvana.

Unlike transport user exists in a state beyond the afterlife, making them immune to powers such as border and prevention as their souls are truly free and liberated.




Known Users

  • Kiryu (Aquarion Logos)
  • Sojourn (Danny Phantom)
  • Anu (Diablo)
  • Truth (Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Haibane (Haibane Renmei); via Day of Flight
  • Adamant (Houseki no Kuni)
  • Poe (Space Dandy)
  • ANOTHER (Toriko)
  • Youmu Konpaku (Touhou Project); via Hakurouken
  • Krelian (Xenogears)
  • Ghost (Valkyrie Crusade)


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