The power to have a body without atoms.

Also Called

  • Non-Molecular Body


The user's body has no atoms or molecules and the user's body is either is solely a larger version a subatomic particle that holds even atoms together that has a different shape or their body, has a body composed solely of subatomic particles, or is composed of nothing thus rendering them immune to to all Atomic, Molecular and maybe even Subatomic based powers.


  • Freedom - Due to not being bound by atomic and potentially subatomic based powers.
  • Immutability - Being immune to all atomic and potentially subatomic based powers.
  • Intangibility - Either if the user is made of nothing or they can create an artificial intangibility via pushing all atoms, molecules and possibly subatomic particles aside
  • Living Anomaly - Due to defying the rules of physical structuring the user may be able to defy all physics altogether.


  • Eldritch Physiology - Any other reason aside from being a spirit or by using magic would classify the user as an eldritch being.
  • Nonexistent Physiology - In its most extreme form due to the user's body being composed of nothingness.
  • Omnilock - Could be the cause of immunity.
  • Spirit Physiology - If the spirit isn't made of anything.

Known Users

  • The Cheela (Dragons Egg)
  • Quark (Super Secret Secret Squirrel)
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