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*Malzahar (''League of Legends'')
*Malzahar (''League of Legends'')
*Narud (''Starcraft'')
*Narud (''Starcraft'')
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[[Category:Darkness-Based Abilities]]
[[Category:Energy Powers]]

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The ability to project energies of void energy. A sub-power of Nothingness Manipulation and Zero-Point Energy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Nil Energy Emission
  • Nothingness Energy Emission
  • Null Energy Emission


The user can create and project energies of void energy variable size and range capable of destroying large structures and/or areas or greatly damage anyone caught in the blast range. The users maybe able to remove anything from existence caught in it.



  • May be at a disadvantage against users of Omnilock.

Known Users

  • Malzahar (League of Legends)
  • Narud (Starcraft)
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