"One" is their unit of "measure" — but its not. All social systems we've put into place are a mere sketch: "one plus one equals two", that's all we've learned, but one plus one has never equaled two — there are in fact no numbers."
― Lucy (Lucy)
"Perhaps they were from a place where such things as counting didn't apply, somewhere outside of time and numbers."
― Description of the Hunger Birds (The Ocean At The End of The Lane)

The power to transcend numbers and numerical constants/systems/values. Sub-power of Indeterminacy. Variation of Self Transcendence.

Also Called

  • Number Transcendence
  • Numerical System/Value Transcendence
  • Quantity Transcendence


User can transcend any/all numerical systems, including numerical properties, constants, quantities, values, variables, states, numbers themselves, counting, methods of notation/math, etc. Meaning things like infinity, Zero, Division by Zero, Negative Infinity, Trans-infinite, Transcendental Numbers, Cardinal Numbers, Alephs, and other units of measurement do not apply and/or cannot be applied to the user.

Essentially, any form of numerical or math-based power ceases to function or work with the user. This can lead to bizarre and/or impossible events/situations such as being unable to tell how many versions/copies of the user there are in front of them, meaning what appears to be a thousand could actually be 0 and vice-versa.

This also applies to things like Levels, Status, Experience, Age, Distance, Size, Dimension, and more. This makes the user immune to all math/numerical based powers and it's effects (ie values cannot be reduced/changed/erased, numerical reality/superiority doesn't work, their actions cannot be understood by numerology, etc). To the user, infinity and zero are the exact same thing.




Known Users

  • Crossed Thanatos (Cautious Hero)
  • Outer Gods (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Gan (The Dark Tower)
  • Agathodaemon (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • Lucy (Lucy)
  • Hunger Birds (The Ocean At The End of The Lane)
  • Azi Dahaka (Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?)
  • Creasion (Senyu)
  • The One Giver (World of Darkness)

Known Locations

  • Lower Depths (Mage: The Awakening)
  • The Mathiverse (Flatterland)


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