The ability to gain insight into a question or situation using numbers. Variation of Divination.

Also Called

  • Mathematical Prediction
  • Number Reading


User can employ a method of reading the future, the present and the past and/or provide help to a problem at hand by using numbers and equations as a focus. Through mathematical solutions and number configuration, the user can understand aspects of the past, present, or future.




  • Disrupting, placing, or erasing a series of numbers listed affects the divination.
  • May require time and concentration to make a vision.
  • Unforseen variables can cause unknown changes that may be different from the user's predictions.

Known Users

  • Mad Thinker (Marvel Comics)
  • The Isu (Assassin's Creed); via Calculations
  • Tilly Grimes (Top Cow Comics)
  • Five (Umbrella Academy)
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