The power to use the abilities of a Nuppeppo. Variation of Yokai Physiology.

Also Called

  • Nuppeppo Mimicry


User with this ability either is or can transform into a Nuppeppō (Nuppefuhō), a genderless Yōkai with flabby appearance and a pungent body odor rivaling the smell of rotting flesh or it may actually be decaying flesh. It appears as large, flabby, roughly humanoid chunk of flesh about the size of child, with lumpy, undeveloped hands and feet, and vaguely indiscernible facial features. The name Nuppeppō is a corruption of the derogatory slang Nupperi, used to describe a woman who applies too much makeup. This is most likely a reference to the creature's saggy appearance, which is similar to the sagging of a face under heavy makeup.

The Nuppeppō wanders aimlessly deserted streets of villages, towns and cities, usually only at night, often towards the year-end, or graveyards or abandoned temples. They are not known to cause any particular harm or mischief, other than generally being disgusting. They seem to enjoy the nauseating effect their smell has on passersby and frequently cause chaos and havoc by running around and disgusting people, and outrunning angry villagers who would try to chase them down and kill them. Though it is passive and non-aggressive, it can move very quickly and is notoriously hard to catch.

According to the records of Edo period pharmacists, its flesh imparts incredible power (including eternal youth) on those who eat it (providing they are willing and able to keep it down), and it can also be made into a powerful medicine with excellent curative properties.




  • May not be very combat able due to their physiology of if they retain the pacifistic nature of a Nuppeppo.
  • May have limited mobility due to their form.
  • May be sought after by many due to the magical properties of their flesh.

Known Users

  • Nuppeppo (Japanese Folklore)
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