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The power to have the abilities and traits of a nymph. Variation of Daimon Physiology. Combination of Nature Deity and Fairy Physiology. Female counterpart to Satyr Physiology.

Also Called[]

  • Nymph Mimicry


User with this ability either is or can transform into a nymph (literally: young woman; bride, young wife), female nature spirit typically associated with a particular location or land-form or servants/retinue of more powerful being, often a deity. They dwell in mountains and groves, by springs and rivers, and also in trees and in valleys and cool grottoes. Although they would never die of old age nor illness, and could give birth to fully immortal children if mated to a god, they themselves were not necessarily immortal, and could be beholden to death in various forms.

Normally it is nature itself that gives birth to a nymph who is linked to a specific natural environment to be defended and preserved. This does not mean that the nymph cannot leave her environment but if one of the two is injured or damaged, the other will also suffer the effects, including death.

Nymphs can be divided into five broad groups:

  • Celestial Nymphs are connected to various aspects of sky, including breezes, clouds and stars.
  • Cloud Nymphs are connected to clouds and waters.
  • Land Nymphs are connected to various landforms, including glens, pastures, valleys and mountains.
  • Underworld Nymphs are servants of Underworld deities.
  • Water/Sea Nymphs are connected to various bodies of water, from sea to springs, lakes and rivers and or oceans.
  • Wood and Plant Nymphs are connected to particular trees and plants.



Types of Nymph:[]

Celestial Nymphs[]

Cloud Nymphs[]

Land Nymphs[]

Underworld Nymphs[]

Water Nymphs[]

Wood and Plant Nymphs[]



  • Nymphs life-force may be linked to certain location, land-form, water body, or individual tree (depending of the nymph).

Known Users[]

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Nymphs (Rayman)

    • Head Nymph Betilla
    • Holly Luya, the music nymph
    • Edith Up, the gourmet fairy
    • Annetta Fish, the ocean nymph
    • Helena Handbasket, the mountain nymph
    • Big Mama, Land of the Livid Dead nymph
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