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#REDIRECT [[Ogre Physiology]]
|bgcolor = black
|Box title = Ogre Phisiology
|imagewidth = 350
|Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
|Row 1 info = Assume the abilities and/or habits of ogres of myth and legend}}to be able to mimic the qualities of the legendary ogre. Another form of
==Also Called==
*Orc Semblance
*Brute mimicry
an individual with this power has the ability to assume th epowers and abilities of an Ogre, creatuires of ancient myth and legend with greater brain than brawn that their appearnce may presume at first glance. Trolls are primalordial beings of middle earth that have lived since ancient times and are adapt users of magic, plus thier intelect of certain magics and arcane forces of their world give them an edge in batte. An ogre has been known to track prey by nothing more than scent alone, in fact thier sense of smell is so keen that they can smell selected targets from miles off.
Gargatuan in size these creatures bost incredible phisical ability having thrived in the harsher terrains of the world, Many tend to vary in height and appearence of course (some ranging to human size, while others are as tall as castle towers) but this is plauseble as few of said creatures tend to be shapeshifters. An ogre can change its appearence, stature and mass in order to acompany they specific form that they are supporting but thier true forms are usualy brutish and gruff appearence, such as the mountainous landscapes. Many of them tend to posses horns jutting around theri heads and along the backs of thier bodies, textured as dride out and inanimate like petrified wood or have enflamed blood red gullets numbered by the amount of creatures they've slain and eaten. Some of the more agressive ones tend to have grizzly ganged tusks and teeth jutting out of thier mouth and lower jaw.
*[[Size Manipulation]]
*[[Malleable Anatomy]]
*[[Fear Inducement]]
*[[Enhanced Leadership]] they often to rule by fear & intimidation but are competent commanders and organisers
*[[Enhanced Intelligence]]
*[[Enhanced Tracking]]
*[[Enhanced Stamina]]
*[[Enhanced Immunity]]
*[[Enhanced Regeneration]]
*[[Enhanced Durability]]/[[Dermal Armor]]
*[[Enhanced Strength]]
*[[Matter Ingestion]]
*[[Natural Weaponry]]
*Limited [[Elemental Mimicry]] depending on the origin point the body tends to take on the traits of thier motherlands[[File:830px-Ogre.png|thumb|typical ogre rendering]]
*[[Oni Physiology]]
*[[Giant Physiology]]
*[[Troll Physiology]]
*[[Tengu Physiology]]
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