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The power to instantly understand the complexity and exactness of anything/everything. Sub-power of Absolute Mind and Omniscience. Ultimate form of Intuitive Aptitude.

Also Called

  • Absolute Intuition
  • Omni-Innate Capability
  • Omni-Instinctive Aptitude
  • Omni-Psychic Aptitude
  • Total/True Intuition


The user has all variations of Intuitive Aptitude, allowing them to either instantly understand or swiftly learn anything and everything, instinctively comprehending the workings and intricacies of anything (no matter the context or environment) while understanding with meticulousness and/or carefulness the work needed to accomplish anything, turning them into an insightful yet unnaturally effective workforce, regardless of how simple or complex the task, profession, proficiency or mastery is.




  • Can still forget known information.
  • Intuitions may only work as a "gut feeling" rather than giving the user the whole picture.
  • Could suffer from information overload.
  • May not be as effective in dealing with matters like Omnicompetence

Known Users

  • Satou Pendragon (Death March to Parallel World Rhapsody)
  • Izuru Kamukura (Danganronpa)
  • NZT-48 users (Limitless)