The power to manipulate anything. Expression of Nigh Omnipotence. Ultimate level of Telekinesis.

Also Called

  • Absolute Kinesis
  • Absolute/Meta/Ultimate Telekinesis
  • All Manipulation
  • Kinetipotence
  • Mind Over Everything/Anything
  • Omnikinetic Manipulation
  • Omnikinesis
  • Unrestricted Manipulation


The user can manipulate anything, absolutely everything -- be it physical (matter, energy, the space-time fabric, etc.); or metaphysical (soul, life, death, aspects of reality, and concepts).

With the stipulation of kinetic powers being wide-ranged, the user would be extremely powerful with mastery over this power.

With mastery, the user becomes a powerful nigh omnipotent being.

Applications (General)

Applications (Detail)






  • Being extremely diversified, Omni-Manipulation requires a lot of talent and knowledge in many fields to fully master this power.

Known Users

  • Arceus (Pokémon); via Plates
  • Aura Michibane (Bleach)
  • Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen)
  • John White (inFAMOUS 2)
  • Nathaniel “Nate” Grey (Marvel Comics)
  • Shion (Senyuu)
  • Shigeo Kageyama/Mob (Mob Psycho 100)
  • Xenovia (Highschool DxD); via Ex-Durandal/Excalibur Ruler
  • White Phoenix of the Crown (Marvel Comics)

Known Objects

  • Excalibur Ruler (Highschool DxD)
  • Ex-Durandal (Highschool DxD)


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