The power to manipulate anything. Sub-power of Omnipotence. Expression of Nigh-Omnipotence. Absolute level of Telekinesis. Not to be confused with Absolute Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute Kinesis
  • Absolute/Godly/Meta/Perfect/Supreme/Transcendent/Ultimate Telekinesis
  • All Manipulation
  • Kinetipotence
  • Mind Over Anything/Everything
  • Omnikinetic Manipulation
  • Omnikinesis
  • Unrestricted Manipulation


The user can manipulate anything, absolutely everything -- be it physical (matter, energy, the space-time fabric, etc.); or metaphysical (soul, mind, life, death, logic, aspects of reality, and even concepts).

With the stipulation of kinetic powers being wide-ranged, the user would be extremely powerful with mastery over this power. Physical manipulations are more understandable to the user and easy to master while metaphysical may take time to learn but have a good payoff if mastered.

With mastery on a metaphysical-level, the user will become a vastly powerful nigh omnipotent being or something more powerful.

Applications (General)

Applications (Detail)




  • Basic Level: The user has a low amount of control over everything, and they do not have much knowledge on how to influence & manipulate concepts. They could mistake their ability with Telekinesis, and also not know of their capability to manipulate other things.
  • Advanced Level: The user has an adequate or regular amount of control over everything; they have the correct amount of knowledge & precision to use this power reliably.
  • Master Level: The user has a high amount of control and advanced precision over everything; they can usually manipulate things like Matter, Reality, Energy, anything Temporal, Spatial, or even of Conceptual nature. User of this level likely have some degree of Nigh-Omniscience.
  • Ultimate Level: The user has an efficient and a unique amount of control and precision over everything, they can manipulate virtually anything to a metaphysical and possibly Omniversal degree; users of this level likely have Nigh-Omniscience. This user would be so powerful that they would be considered Nigh-Omnipotent.
  • Absolute Level: The user has complete control and precision over absolutely everything and whatever is beyond. They can manipulate the totality of all things to the highest degree; there's nothing imaginable and unimaginable that this user can't perfectly manipulate. Users of this level likely have Omniscience or at least possess a fundamental level of knowledge over the totality. This user can use this power to its full potential, and cannot improve any further as their power is essentially limitless. Usually users of this level of power are supreme beings who's skill out-classes any and all beings in existence or all-powerful beings.




  • Being extremely diversified, Omni-Manipulation requires a lot of talent and knowledge in many fields to fully master this power.
    • User may need immense knowledge to grasp complex or unknown concepts and how to influence them.
  • Cannot manipulate totality.
  • Cannot affect Omnipotence ; some Omni Powers can still defeat the user.

Known Users

  • Arceus (Pokémon); via Plates
  • Aura Michibane (Bleach)
  • Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen)
  • Beyonder (Marvel Comics); Pre-Retcon
  • Taiji (Super Robot Wars); via Origin Law
  • The Choushin (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
  • Neith (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Dominant Hadou (Masadaverse)
  • SCP-3812 - A Voice Behind Me (SCP Foundation); After superseding everything in existence.
  • Toto (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • John White (inFAMOUS 2)
  • Nathaniel “Nate” Grey (Marvel Comics)
  • Shion (Senyuu)
  • Shigeo Kageyama/Mob (Mob Psycho 100)
  • Xenovia (Highschool DxD); via Ex-Durandal/Excalibur Ruler
  • White Phoenix of the Crown (Marvel Comics)

Known Objects

  • Reality Gauntlet (Danny Phantom)
  • Excalibur Ruler (Highschool DxD)
  • Ex-Durandal (Highschool DxD)


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