The power to have all movement capabilities. Combination of Multi-Directional Movement and Unrestricted Movement. Variation of Movement Transcendence.

Also Called

  • Omni-Mobility/Movement


User possesses all movement capabilities. They can perform all capabilities of motion within the universe no matter what, whether it be physical, non-physical, spiritual, mental, mystical, abstract/conceptual, etc. Their movements are unresisted, cooperative, easy, fluid, non-crooked, fast, balanced, flawless, responsive, unpredictable, hard to change, etc. to the extreme. The user also can do these movements even if the laws of physics and logic are different in another dimension or altered, and they can interact with imaginary, nonexistent things, too. If the user is converted or changed into anything other than the physical, such as the spiritual, the user can break or defy the movement capabilities of whatever they are made up of. The user can also interact with anything from other dimensions/universes without leaving their own.

Unlike Unrestricted Movement, which deals with the flow and ease of movement mainly, the user of this power has movement capabilities that defy and infringe all motion and movement based physics, physical laws and even logic to an extreme level, from within this universe to those of other universes. With no physics and logic to hinder them (not even size and solidity can keep them from using this powerful effectively) there is nothing motion related the user cannot do.



Known User

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