The power to manipulate all scales/sizes of matter. Variation of Matter Manipulation. Not to be confused with Reality Level Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Atomic Mastery
  • Absolute/Meta Atomic Manipulation
  • Omni-Scale Manipulation


User can manipulate/shape all scales/sizes of matter, from the macro-scale down to the planck scale, allowing them to control the workings and structure of matter regardless of its level and size, including celestial/cosmic bodies, atoms, molecules, particles, quarks, strings, branes, and even the quantum foam/foundation of reality.

Unlike Meta Matter Manipulation, user simply controls all sizes of matter, from the most massive to the most small.





Known Users

  • Tiamat (GURPS)
  • The Phoenix (Phoenix)
  • The Precursors (Stargate Universe)
  • Monads (Xeelee Sequence)

Known Items

  • The Destroyer (Marvel Comics)


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