"Some kind of time distortion, maybe?"
"A lot of different kinds of distortion definitely."
― Starfox and Pip the Troll in Crazyland (Marvel Comics)

The power to distort anything without limit. Ultimate version of Distortion Manipulation. Sub-power of Absolute Change. Technique of Absolute Will.

Also Called

  • Complete Displacement
  • Absolute Distortion
  • Existence Distortion
  • Total Bending/Distortion/Warping
  • Totality Distortion


The user can distort, twist and warp everything, including matter, energy, space, time, vectors, distance/location, reality, logic, perspectives, identity, variables, physics, concepts, powers/skills, rules/laws, paradoxes, etc. Warping them for either offensive or defensive purposes.

They can cause anything to bend, twist or change within the distortion. Users can even distort things that by their very nature can't be distorted or that are considered immutable.





Known Users

  • White Girl/Objective Alice (A Simple Series); via the Absurd
  • Sir James Jaspers/Mad Jim Jaspers (Marvel Comics)
  • Magic Gods (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Known Locations

  • Crazyland (Marvel Comics)
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