The power to be all/everyone's identity/being/people in a single individual. Physical version of Unimind. Sub-power of Identity Manipulation. Not to be confused with Mind Hive, Gestalt Mind and Fusionism.

Also Called

  • One Who is Everyone
  • One True Identity/Self
  • Universal Identity/Self


User has the complete identity and/or self of all people/beings/everyone that exists, could exist and/or will exist in a single body/form. This may range from being an entire civilization or more in one person all the way to possibly even being everyone you ever have or ever will meet, as well as all alternate/parallel versions of people you will or won't meet rolled into one. When they say "I am everyone.", they're not speaking metaphorically.

Unlike Mind Hive, user has a central consciousness/personality that all the identities/selves share, and they can easily shift their appearance and identity whenever they choose to become someone else to talk to. They may have only a single mind, despite being thousands or possibly millions of different identities existing within them at the same time.

There is no we when referring to a user of this, as they may have always been everyone in one person from the start. Even calling them composite/collective isn't technically correct either, since no fusion of souls, minds or bodies is involved in the users existence. They just are.






Known Users

  • The Chairman (The Adjustment Bureau)
  • Every Man (Axe Cop)
  • God (Joan of Arcadia)
  • YISUN (Kill Six Billion Demons)
  • Grand Karcist Ion (SCP Foundation)
  • U-DO (Xenosaga)
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