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|Box title = Omnibenevolence
|Box title = Omnibenevolence
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|image = File:Jesus-Christ-faith-.jpg
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|imagewidth = 300
|caption = Jesus Christ (Christianity), the only begotten son of God, gives a sermon in the temple
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|Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
|Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
|Row 1 info = Be universally good}}The power to '''be universally and infinitely good.'''
|Row 1 info = Be universally good}}The power to '''be universally and infinitely good.'''

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The power to be universally and infinitely good.

Also Called

  • All-Benevolence/All-Goodness
  • Perfect Benevolence/Goodness
  • Transcendent Benevolence/Goodness/Perfection


Omnibenevolence ("all-goodness") is the capacity to be infinitely good, and good in every capacity that good is recognized by any sentient being in existence.

There is a distinction between this power:

  • inherent omnibenevolence - the ability to perceive and adapt perfectly to fit any concept of goodness.
  • total omnibenevolence - the ability to be the perfect good, transcending any one concept of goodness.

The user has the capacity for perfect and infinite goodness. In some manifestations, the user can perceive what others see as being good, and can empathically adjust his behavior and perspectives to understand and fit that perception of goodness. However, other manifestations imply that the user has mental, emotional and spiritual access to a concept of absolute, universal goodness, which may not be understood by most mortal minds.




  • While it allows the user to be perfectly good psychologically, it does not have an affect on the body such as Peak Human State or Enhanced Condition
  • Often does not allow the user to use (or even to have them (unless immensely powerful, possibly omnipotent)
  • May cause a shift in personality, to be permanently good (or the user's concept of good)

Known Users

  • God/YHWH (Judaeo-Christianity, Islam)
  • Jesus Christ (Judaeo-Christianity)
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