The ability to release powerful omnidirectional energy waves at once in a wide area. Sub-power of Energy Attacks. Variation of Omnidirectional Elemental Waves and Omnidirectional Waves. Opposite to Omnidirectional Dampener Waves.

Also Called

  • Energy Wave
  • Exploding/Explosion/Explosive Energy Wave
  • Omnidirectional Energy Attacks


User can release massive amounts of energy in every direction at once for almost unlimited scales. This ability allows the user to dispatch many foes at once and destroy large area like villages.




  • May be limited to the amount of energy one can release.
  • May be limited to 2-dimensional 360 degrees in terms of "omnidirectional".
  • User may kill allies unintentionally.
  • Some may use this ability to sacrifice themselves as self-detonation.
  • Radius may be limited.

Known Users


  • Enshin (Akame Ga Kill!)
  • Various Characters (Dragon Ball series)
  • Hyūga Clan (Naruto); via Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven
    • Neji Hyūga
    • Hiashi Hyūga
    • Hizashi Hyūga
  • Kaku (One Piece)
  • Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece)
  • Toriko (Toriko)
  • Dark Magician (Yu-Gi-Oh!); via Diffusion Wave Motion
  • Broly (Dragon Ball Super)


  • Clark Kent/Superman (DC Comics); via Super Flare
  • Miss Martian (DC Comics)
  • Martian Manhunter (DC Comics)
  • Starfire (DC Comics)
  • Blackfire (DC Comics)
  • Jack of Hearts (Marvel Comics)
  • Rachel Summers (Marvel Comics)
  • Nitro (Marvel Comics)
  • Alexander "Alex" Summers/Havok (Marvel Comics)
  • Thor Odinson (Marvel Comics)

Live Television/Movies

  • Gomtuu (Star Trek: TNG)
  • Riddick (The Chronicles of Riddick); via the "Wrath of the Furyans"
  • Voldemort (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

Video Games

  • Serge (Chrono Cross)
  • Chrono (Chrono Trigger)
  • Houndeyes (Hλlf-Life series)
  • Crash Kirby (Kirby Games)
  • StarKiller (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)
  • Gil (Street Fighter); via Seraphic Wing
  • Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog)
  • Xerimus (Kaiju Combat)
  • Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)


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