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** [[Omniverse Creation]]
** [[Omniverse Creation]]
** [[Omniverse Destruction]]
** [[Omniverse Destruction]]
* [[Omnipotence]]/[[Nigh Omnipotence]]
* [[Omnipresence]]/[[Nigh Omnipresence]]
* [[Omniscience]]/[[Nigh Omniscience]]
* [[Origin Manipulation]]
* [[Origin Manipulation]]
* [[Ultipotence]]
* [[Ultipotence]]

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The power to become the embodiment of the omniverse. Variation of Omniverse Manipulation and Power Manifestation. Ultimate version of Universal Embodiment

Also Called

  • The Omniverse
  • Omniversal Physiology
  • Omniversal Personification
  • Self Omniverse
  • Living Omniverse


The user can become or already is the embodiment of the omniverse, and therefore they have absolute control over everything inside of it - time, space, reality, causality, probability and everything else - without limits.




  • May not able to interact with the omniverse.
  • May be powerless outside the omniverse.
  • May be weak against Omniverse Destruction.

Known Users

  • Gan (The Dark Tower)
  • Overmonitor (DC Comics)
  • First Firmament (Marvel Comics)
  • The One Being (Mortal Kombat)
  • The Tao (Whateley Academy)


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