The power to induce optimism. Variation of Emotion Inducement. Opposite to Pessimism Inducement.

Also Called

  • Positive Belief Inducement
  • Positive Outlook Inducement


The user can induce optimism into anyone around them, whatever the situation in question may be. This could make others feel confident on the result of something, or give others hope in a particular situation and otherwise make them very happy about anything there is they may be thinking of.


  • Make other people act positive about something.
  • Make other people have confidence about a particular event.
  • Make other people have high hopes about something.
  • Make people think better and happy about something.
  • Can make others feel assured that good results of anything will happen.



  • May be hard to use against those with strong willpower.

Known Users

  • Ansem Weems (Supernatural)
  • Peridot (Jewelpet)
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