"In any event, Much as what formerly was my kidney is now my heart..."
― Mr Burns (The Simpsons)
"You know little off switch in the back of my head... I moved it"
― Sylar (Heroes)

The power to shift internal organs around in the body. Sub-power of Body Manipulation and Body Part Relocation.


The user is able to shift the organs of themselves or others around in the body, thus lessening the chance of serious internal injuries; for example, a user can relocate their heart to avoid getting stabbed through it.




  • Process may be painful.
  • May be limited to either relocating their own organs, or others.

Known Users

  • Jake (Adventure Time)
  • Van Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Sylar (Heroes)
  • Darwin (Marvel Comics); via Reactive Adaptation
  • Mystique (Marvel Comics)
  • Shatterstar (Marvel Comics)
  • Elder Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)


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