The power to induce sexual orgasm. Sub-power of Sexual Inducement. Technique of Tantric Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Orgasmic Inducement
  • Orgasm/Orgasmic Power
  • Tactile Orgasm


The user can induce the sensation of sexual orgasm in themselves or others.



  • May be always on and/or involuntary.
  • May be affected by sexual preference.
    • Will not always work on aliens or those with biologies that cannot experience the sensation of orgasm.
  • May require some level of effort or concentration.
  • Doesn't have affect with those who have Indomitable Will or Apathy.

Known Users

  • Emma Frost (Marvel Comics); via Telepathy
  • Stacy X (Marvel Comics); via pheromones
  • Amaterasu (The Wicked + The Divine)
  • Bilquis (American Gods)


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