The ability to create origins for an entity.

Also Called

  • Origin Creator


The user can implant an origin for an individual or object into reality to bring it into fruition. The user can take existing beings and implant in origin that causes the events which leads to the target becoming who they happen to be or what the user may want them to be. The user is also able to overwrite the origins of others in order to turn them into something else.



  • The user cannot create anything else besides the origins of a target.
  • The user cannot manipulate events after the creation of their origin.
  • User's created origins can be erased by users of Origin Destroyer.
  • Users may be limited to a specific type of origin they can create.
  • User's ability to create new origins are limited by their imagination.
  • Non created and omnipotent beings are immune.

Known Users

  • Barbatos (DC Comics)
  • Origin (Marvel Comics)


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