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The power to transcend one's origin. Final step towards Almighty Ascension. Variation of Boundary Manipulation. Advanced version of Self Transcendence.

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User can transcend their own origin; reducing its effect on them from an absolute order to that of an inconsequential force. They no longer need their origin (e.g. their creator or anything similar) to sustain their existence. Even if their origin is manipulated, overthrown, or destroyed, they will not cease from existing.

Any action of theirs can also defy its own origin, meaning it does not follow conventional causality. They defy the concept of a beginning or point of origin that even if the cause for such an action is removed, its consequence will persist. Any limitation, weakness, or vulnerability they have because of their origin they can overstep. They may also overcome each and every limitation and inability the Creator might have placed unto them.

This state of existence makes for an entirely unique and free entity that is not bound to the whims or force of power that a supposedly the creator deity usually has.


  • Autopotence - User is now the primary factor for their existence, having achieved perfect control over every aspect of their being.
  • Self-Definition Manipulation - Users can manipulate who they are at the deepest foundation.
  • Self Origin Manipulation - Through transcendence, the user can now manipulate that which is beneath them for some unknown benefit.
  • Freedom - User is now free from all things upon being freed from "themselves" (e.g. their own origin.)
  • Living Anomaly - User is a strange being for the fact that they are no longer bound by their origin.
  • Non Created Physiology - User has no origin of any kind, as they have always been there.
  • Singularity - User may be the only being in their universe who has ascended to this point.
  • Undetermined Existence - User now has no known distinction or classification. They are what they say they are.




Known Users

  • Lake Goddess (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Caroline Sharp/Formless (DC Comics)
  • Anu (Elder Scrolls); via achieving Amaranth
  • Altair (Re:Creators)
  • Sam Howell/SCP-3812 - A Voice Behind Me (SCP Foundation)
  • Fayt Leingod (Star Ocean: Til the End of Time)