Oxygen Generation

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The power to generate oxygen. Sub-power of Oxygen Manipulation and Miasma Emission. Variation of Air Generation, Gas Generation and Periodic Element Creation. Opposite to Deoxygenation.

Also Called

  • Oxygenation


The user can generate oxygen.




  • Poisonous if inhaled too much.
  • Generating too much oxygen increases the risk of a single spark (fire, electricity, etc.) igniting the air.
  • Deoxygenation

Known Users

  • Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo-Kazooie)
  • Poison Ivy (DC comics)
  • Submarimon (Digimon)
  • Weather Report (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VI: Stone Ocean)
  • Lord Felldrake Sheldgoose (The Legend of the Three Caballeros)
  • Crystal (Marvel Comics)
  • Grass-type Pokemon (Pokemon)
  • Ayase Terada (S-CRY-ED)
  • Tecna (Winx Club)
  • Blowfish (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)

Known Objects

  • Oxy-Chew (Ducktales)
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