"Not the earth, Another earth. "Another Earth."
― Yeoman Rand and James T. Kirk (Star Trek)

The power to allow/make parallel realities sharing things. Sub-power of Parallel Reality Synching. Not to be confused with Dimensional Exchange or Temporal Exchange.

Also Called

  • Alternate Dimension/Reality Sharing
  • Parallel Dimension Sharing


User can allow/make alternate realities share things, including landmarks, people, objects, environments, events, locations, etc., even if the reality or dimension in question has absolutely nothing in common with each other.

Unlike exchange, which simply exchange things between different/various other realities. Parallel Sharing doesn't physically exchange anything, rather it seems to perfectly borrow/copy/replicate/share the various qualities from other dimensions or realities.




Known Users

  • Himemiko (Sengoku Blood Night)

Known Locations

  • Granvania (Conception)
  • The Greene Kingdom (Great Greed)
  • Dark World (Magic of Scheherazade)
  • Evermore (Secret of Evermore)
  • Alter Dimension (S-CRY-ed)
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