"Wow... there is barely anyone here for Meg's funeral."
"I know, were not even here."
― Brian and Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

The ability to induce a partial existence into something. Sub-power of Nothingness Manipulation and Existence Manipulation.


The user can induce a combination of actual existence and nonexistence into something, Existent or nonexistent and perceivable by one or more of the five senses. For example, it could make a chair that does not exist partially be existent in the middle of a hallway, and the user would not see or detect the chair in any way, other than by touch, so they would trip over it as they go along, but can't detect its presence otherwise. They cannot detect it with sight, hearing, or any other sense, even if it is outside the normal five senses, for it only partially exists, though it can also be seen but not perceivable and detectable by the other senses.

The whole chair does not even have to be wholly existent touch wise, as parts of it only could exist (but still stand up right) like its legs, but the legs are still attached to the other parts, even if they are nonexistent, hence the partial existence part of the name. The chair, as well as other objects that are made to partially exist like a machine, can function normally, even if they aren't completely existent. The chair is just an example, for other objects and livings things can be partially brought into existence with this power. An objects or living thing's properties and other features are partially there and partially not there in some way, and this kind of power can confuse others, and play with their minds.




  • Users may not see or use the parts properly if some properties and features can't be perceived by some of the five senses.
  • The whole object does not come into existence, only parts of it.

Known Users

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