"Nothing's more boring than going down the same path."
― Hakuto Kunai (Maou-Sama, Retry!)

The ability to alter any possible pathways/methods to do something. Variation of Possibility Reconstruction.

Also Called

  • Path Alteration
  • Path Change
  • Possibility Alteration/Altering


User can alter any possible possibilities/methods/ways of doing things, possibly altering the laws of the universe. They can alter ways to things are done, for example how something is to be cooked, how a piece of furniture or technology is set up. They can alter how a goal is to be achieved and what steps are to be taken to achieve the goal.




  • Cannot create or destroy possibilities, only alter.
  • May not be reversible.

Known Users

  • Fairies (The Fairly Oddparents); via magic
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