The power to use pathogen-based abilities by using weapons as conduits. Variation of Disease Weaponry and Biotic Weaponry.


Users can either use or create a slew of various weapons which manipulates pathogen-based powers, depending on how the power is channeled, their own physiologies and on what they were created for or what level of virulence their abilities may possess.





  • Useless without weapons as a conduit.
  • Vulnerable to Antibody Manipulation.
  • Weapon can be taken away or destroyed.
  • May only contain one type of virus.

Known Users

  • Bastion (Marvel Comics)
  • Prime/Omega Prime Sentinels (Marvel Comics)
  • Red Skull (Marvel Comics)
  • The Technarch (Marvel Comics)
  • Phalanx (Marvel Comics)
  • Ultimo (Marvel Comics)
  • Ultron (Marvel Comics)
  • Ultron Sigma (Marvel vs Capcom Infinity)
  • Evolved (Prototype 2)
  • Evolved (Prototype 2)
  • Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 5)
  • Carla Rademus (Resident Evil 6)
  • Derek Simmons (Resident Evil 6)
  • X-O Class Armor (Valiant Entertainment)

Known Items

  • Reaver Virus (Marvel Comics)
  • Ultron Virus (Marvel Comics)
  • Transmode Virus (Marvel Comics)
  • T-O Virus (Marvel Comics)
  • Ultimo Virus (Marvel Comics)
  • Blacklight (PROTOTYPE)
  • Bloodtox (PROTOTYPE)
  • Whitelight (PROTOTYPE 2)
  • C-Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • Golgotha/G-Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • Ouroboros Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • Proginator Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • T-Abyss Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • T-Phobos Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • T-Veronica Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • T-Virus (Resident Evil Franchise)
  • Techno-Organic Virus (Various Publishing)
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