"Mom, wait! Maggie is the Gem Child! She's brought peace to our town and reports of less road rage in Shelbyville."
― Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)

The ability to induce peace in others, taking away their rage. Sub-power of Peace Manipulation. Advanced variation of Serenity Inducement. Opposite to War Inducement.

Also Called

  • Pacifism Inducement
  • Peace Enforcement


The user can sense the rage, aggression and distress in others and is able to induce peace and calm in them, deflecting the rage away. The user has the ability to spread their peaceful influence over a wide range of individuals depending on their mastery of the power.




Known Users

  • Jesus Christ (Christianity)
  • The Sentry (Marvel Comics)
  • Venus (Marvel Comics)
  • Blue Lantern Corps (DC Comics)
  • Dove (DC Comics)
  • Sanzomon (Digimon)
  • Venusmon (Digimon)
  • Cosgrove (Freakazoid!)
  • Togeira (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!)
  • Milotic (Pokemon)
  • Harmonia/Concordia (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • Eirene/Pax (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • Positively-charged Slime (Ghostbusters 2)
  • Ma-Ti (Captain Planet); via Ring of Heart.
  • Eidolon (Farscape)
  • Getalong (Flint the Time Detective)
  • Unico (Unico)
  • Shawn Hanson (Shadow Falls); via Magic
  • Makuta/Rahkshi (Bionicle); The Melding Alternate Timeline
  • The Mother (Star Wars Legends); before becoming Abeloth
  • Ms. Tebbit (Were the World Mine)
  • Fuwa Raidou (Big Order); via Sleeping Sheep
  • SCP-2664 - Redline (SCP Foundation)
  • Maggie Simpson (The Simpsons); as the Gem Child
  • Tionishia (Monster Musume)
  • Ye Sheng (The X-Dormitory)


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