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"I turned back and just for a moment, I saw you looking right at me. I turned into a puddle."
― Peter Parker/Spider-Man on Gwen Stacy (Spider-Man: Blue)

The power to be as humanly beautiful as possible. Variation of Peak Human Condition.

Also Called

  • Exceptional Beauty/Handsome
  • Immensely Beautiful/Charming
  • Inhuman Beauty/Handsome
  • Keen Beauty/Handsome
  • Magnetic Beauty/Handsome
  • Maximum Human Beautifulness/Handsomeness
  • Peak Human Handsome
  • Unusually Attractive


The user possesses peak human beauty, on par with the most attractive human figures in history. As such, the user can easily influence others and receive special treatment or favors, especially from members of the opposite sex.

Those who possess Peak Human Beauty may also benefit from the so-called "Halo Effect", where the user will generally be viewed in the best light possible in any given situation.






  • While the user is as beautiful as humanly possible, their beauty will be out-shone by superhumanly beautiful beings.
  • If the user mistreats or spurns someone, the initial admiration may turn into spite.
  • May attract unwanted attention.
  • User is still subject to aging, which will cause their level of beauty to decline over time.

Known Users

  • Fiona Fox (Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)
  • Historia Reiss/Krista Lenz (Attack on Titan)
  • Azumi (Azumi)
  • Casca (Berserk)
  • Orihime Inoue (Bleach)
  • Witches (Charmed 2018)
    • Maggie Vera
  • Kokomi Teruhashi (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)
  • Black Canary (DC Comics)
  • Catwoman/Selina Kyle (DC Comics)
  • Lois Lane (DC Comics)
  • Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Maki Oze ("Fire Force")
  • Ganymede (Greek Mythology)
  • Helen of Troy (Greek Mythology)
  • Seras Victoria (Hellsing)
  • Marisa Coulter (His Dark Materials)
  • Hashibara Inosuke (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)
  • Petrova Doppelgängers (Vampire Diaries)
  • Hope Mikaelson (Legacies)
  • Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)
  • Black Widow (Marvel Comics)
  • Mary Jane Watson (Marvel Comics)
  • Anastasia Cisarovna/Baroness (G.I. Joe)
  • Arwen Undómiel (Lord of the Rings)
  • Alvida (One Piece); after eating the Sube Sube no Mi
  • Cavendish (One Piece)
  • Nami (One Piece)
  • Valyrians (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones)
    • House Targaryen
      • Aegon Targaryen
      • Rhaenys Targaryen
      • Visenya Targaryen
      • Rhaenyra Targaryen
      • Aerys Targaryen
      • Rhaella Targaryen
      • Rhaegar Targaryen
      • Daenerys Targaryen
    • Shiera Seastar
    • Serenei of Lys
    • Larra Rogare
  • Various Characters (Sin City)
    • Miho
    • Goldie
    • Gale
    • The Lady in Blue
  • Amberle Elessidil (Shannara Chronicles)
  • Saxa (Spartacus)
  • Denna (Sword of Truth)
  • Kahlen Amnell (Sword of Truth)
  • Tanqueray (American Dad)
  • Holli Would (Cool World)
  • Zelinira "Zee" Zatara (DC Super Hero Girls 2019)
  • Steve's Companion (Drawn Together)
  • Giselle (Stan Lee's Stripperella)
  • Xandra (Disney's Legend of the Three Caballeros)
  • Kara Zor-El/Supergirl (DC Comics/DC Animated Movies)
  • Barb Wire (Dark House Comics)
  • Vampirella (Vampirella)
  • Danica LeBlake (What's New, Scooby-Doo?)
  • Female Biology Teacher (Martin Mystery)
  • Princess Clara (Drawn Together)
  • Jenni Anderson (Martin Mystery)
  • Siren's Human Form (Martin Mystery)
  • Princess Lana (Captain N: the Game Master)
  • Robin O'Neill (Mister T/Ruby-Spears)
  • Mandy (Totally Spies)
  • Starlett Johanson (The Looney Tunes Show)
  • Principal (Devi Hunter Yoko)
  • Lilith (Tales from the Crypt presents Bordello of Blood)
  • Teenage Nerissa (W.I.T.C.H.)
  • Girl 1 and 2 (The Batman)
  • Sister 1 and 2 (Totally Spies)
  • Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Lady Frenzy (Bots Master)
  • Vixen (DC Comic)
  • Fujiko Mine (Lupin the Third)
  • Ghost of Maiden Peak (Pokémon)
  • Anne von Blyssen (Starshine Legacy/Star Stable)
  • Alexandra (Ghoulies IV)
  • Cynthia (Pokémon)
  • Kristal (Star Fox series)
  • Isabella "Ivy" Valentine (Soulcalibur series)
  • Tsubaki Nakatsukasa ("Soul Eater")
  • Maka Albarn ("Soul Eater")
  • Liz Thompson ("Soul Eater")
  • Patty Thompson ("Soul Eater")
  • Marie Mjolnr ("Soul Eater")
  • Medusa Gorgon ("Soul Eater")
  • Arachne Gorgon ("Soul Eater")
  • Handsome Squidward ("Spongebob Squarepants")
  • Tsukasa Tsukuyomi (Tonikaku Kawaii)
  • Unnamed Redhead Woman (Harry and Bunnie)
  • Marina the Mermaid (Zig & Sharko)
  • Unnamed Black Hair Woman (Oggy and the Cockroaches)
  • Flurgle Gang (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
  • Sakura Haruno (Naruto/Boruto)
  • Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/Boruto)
  • Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto/Boruto)