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#REDIRECT [[Peak Human Agility]]
|Box title = Peak Human Celerity
|Row 1 title = The Ability to
|Row 1 info = Have better celerity than ordinary humans|image = File:Captainamerica-nextgen.jpg|thumb|354px
|caption = Captain America (Marvel)}}The ability to '''have better celerity than ordinary humans. '''Sub power of [[Peak Human Condition]]. 
==Also Called ==
*Peak Human Movement 
==Capabilities ==
The user's celerity is much better than the likes of an ordinary human. Enabling them to move with perfect agility, reflexes, speed, and accuracy. The user is able to move in any type of physical way flawlessly. They could be the finest dancer in the world, the best martial artist, the greatest athlete, etc.
*[[Peak Human Speed ]]
*[[Peak Human Agility]]
*[[Peak Human Reflexes]]
*[[Peak Human Accuracy]]
*[[Peak Human Condition]]
==Limitations ==
*User would be no mach for being with Supernatural Celerity
*Being would still not be [[Supernatural Condition|Superhuman]].
[[Category:Attribute Enhancement]]
[[Category:Attribute Enhancement]]

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