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― Quagmire (Family Guy)

The ability to have the senses at the peak of human capability. Sub-power of Peak Human Condition.

Also Called

  • Peak Human Perception
  • Peak Human Sensory System
  • Nigh/Near-Enhanced Senses
  • Acute Senses
  • Honed Senses


User's five senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste) are pushed to the highest limits of human perfection. Individuals with this ability are capable of seeing further, acutely touching ink on a page, hearing small sounds, having a smell capability similar to an animal's and tasting more accurately than normal members of their species.


  • Peak Human Senses: User's senses are at the peak human limit.
  • Enhanced Senses: User's senses are beyond peak human limits, but below high superhuman levels.
  • Supernatural Senses: User's senses are supernaturally acute, at a high superhuman level.
  • Absolute Senses: User's senses are at an infinite scale.



Known Users

  • Ellie (Last of Us)
  • Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Conan (Conan the Barbarian)
  • Various incarnations of Batman (DC Comics)
  • Various incarnations of Robin (DC Comics)
  • The Blind Man (Don't Breath)
  • Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files)
  • Nick Burkhardt (Grimm)
  • Red Skull (Marvel Comics)
  • Elijah Bradley/Patriot (Marvel Comics)
  • Ka-Zar (Marvel Comics)
  • Crimson Commando (Marvel Comics)
  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Arrow)
  • John Diggle (Arrow)
  • Joel (Last of Us)
  • Thea Queen (Arrow)
  • Laurel Lance/Black Canary (Arrow)
  • Sara Lance/White Canary (Arrow)
  • Black Siren (Arrow)
  • Thomas (Maze Runner; Trilogy)
  • Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack)
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