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The power to possess strength at a maximum and limitless level. Sub-power of Absolute Body. Absolute version of Enhanced Strength. Opposite to Absolute Invulnerability.

Also Called

  • Almighty/Atlas/Bottomless/Boundless/Complete/Divine/Godly/Immeasurable/Incalculable/Incomprehensible/Illimitable/Infinite/Limitless/Meta/Omni/Omnipotent/Perfect/Supreme/Total/Transcendent/True/Ultimate/Unlimited/Unrestricted/Vast Strength
  • Strength of God


Users can generate limitless and unsurpassed physical strength, able to go toe-to-toe and even surpass the strongest of beings with nothing but the raw force of their physical blows. Any level of weight the user needs to lift or move is irrelevant as their body can emit limitless amount of force that can repel an object of any mass.

With this ability, the user could travel massive distances in a single jump, unleash strikes of unparalleled might, obliterate massive life forms with one hit, cause destructive quakes by smashing the ground, shatter planetary systems with their fists, tear through/create space-time anomalies with their strength, etc. It should also be noted that they are immune to all powers that could manipulate, affect or rob them of their strength.



  • Peak Human Strength: The user can lift one's body weight several times their own bodyweight of 1,100 lbs to 2,200 lbs over-head and 2,200 lbs to 3,300 lbs bench-press and perform any offensive action with the combined force of numerous bodybuilders. The user can lift and move small trees, motorcycles, overweight humans, and animals with ease and control. The user can perform any bodily strike or hand-held weapon with overwhelming force that could kill land-based or aquatic-based animals that humans have a low probability of defeating.
  • Enhanced Strength: The user can lift thousands of pounds to tens of thousands and perform any offensive action with the force of a massive vehicle. The user can lift cars, trucks, buses, small-moderately sized boulders, tall trees, and numerous times the weight of peak humans. The user can perform any biological strike or use objects with mighty power, such as destroying bridges, road vehicles, trees and killing massive creatures that require guns, small explosives, missiles, or chemical/biological/radiological weapons.
  • Supernatural Strength: Supernatural strength comes in six primary levels.
    • Type I: The user can lift tens of thousands of pounds to hundreds of pounds and perform any offensive action with the force of destructive conventional explosives. The user can lift and move several construction vehicles such as bulldozers, backhoe loaders, motor graders, tanks, or several thousand-pound trucks. The user can perform any biological strike or use objects that can cause severe damage to tall buildings, neighborhoods, and house-sized asteroids.
    • Type II: The user can lift hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of pounds and perform any offensive action with the output of a low-yield nuclear bomb. The user can move and lift boats to various cruise ships, airplanes, battleships, or bridges similar to the Brooklyn bridge. The user can perform any biological strike or use objects to cause massive damage to towns, small mountains, or dense metals.
    • Type III: The user can lift tens of millions to hundreds of billions of pounds and perform any offensive action with the power of an atomic bomb. The user can move buildings to the skyscrapers, massive bridges, aircraft carriers, tallest trees ever recorded, thousands of feet tall mountains, and industrial structures. The user can perform any violent act on the earth to generate earthquakes, tsunamis, destroy air-mass thunderstorms, and halt any atmospherical meteorological phenomenon such as tornadoes, downbursts, or counter a nuclear warhead's shockwave.
    • Type IV: The user can lift and move hundreds of billions of pounds to entire continents worth of weight and perform any action with the output of hydrogen bombs or tectonic plate worth of energy. The user can lift mountains, massive extraterrestrial aircraft, artifacts, thousands of Hyperion-like trees, or minor dwarf planets. The user can perform any action that can split continents and create canyons, mountains, or kilometers-sized craters on Earth.
    • Type V: The user can lift and move continents to megastructures, planets, moons, low to high mass stars, to planetary systems worth of weight. The user's lifting capabilities permit them to move main-sequence stars to massive supergiants. Their striking capabilities allow them to destroy several astronomical bodies and severely damage a dwarf or standard galaxy.
    • Type VI: The user possesses "near-infinite strength." The user can lift and move galaxies, supermassive galaxies, collections of galaxies to universes, or on a multiversal level. They can bend space-time and aspects of reality with their pure strength. Their lifting and fighting capabilities permit them to demolish them and rival nigh-omnipotent beings.
  • Absolute Strength:The user possesses lifting and striking capabilities to an absolute and transcendent scale. With the users strength there's absolutly nothing they cannot move, lift and/or destroy. There punches have enough power to shatter the space-time continuoum on a infinite scale, effectivily destroying an infinite number of realities, multiverses and even all of totality itself.


Known Users

  • Asura (Asura's Wrath)
  • Gautama Buddha (Buddhism)
  • Cailleach/Beira (Celtic Mythology)
  • Lug (Celtic Mythology)
  • Dagda (Celtic Mythology)
  • Ogma/Oghma (Celtic Mythology)
  • Pan Gu (Chinese Mythology)
  • Nüwa (Chinese Mythology)
  • Sun Wùkōng (Chinese Mythology/Journey to the West)
  • Superman (DC Comics); Pre/Post-Crisis via Strength Infinitum and Situational Strength
  • Strange Visitor Superman (DC Comics)
  • Superboy Prime (DC Comics)
  • Yuga Khan (DC Comics)
  • Anti-Monitor (DC Comics)
  • Thought Robot Superman (DC Comics)
  • Soulfire Darkseid (DC Comics)
  • Ra (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Isis (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Fa Hai (Green Snake)
  • The Titans (Greek Mythology)
  • Atlas (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • The Olympians (Greek Mythology)
  • Brahman (Hindu Mythology)
  • Hanuman (Hindu Mythology)
  • The Hulk (Marvel Comics); via Strength Infinitum, Situational Strength, and The One Above/Below All
  • Thor Odinson (Marvel Comics); via Situational Strength
  • Hercules Panhellenios (Marvel Comics); via Situational Strength
  • Beyonder (Marvel Comics); Pre/Post-Retcon
  • Dormammu (Marvel Comics)
  • Galan/Galactus (Marvel Comics)
  • Trion Juggernaut (Marvel Comics)
  • Amaterasu (Japanese Mythology)
  • Izanagi (Japanese Mythology)
  • Izanami (Japanese Mythology)
  • God/Jehovah (Judeo-Christianity)
  • Michael (Judeo-Christianity)
  • Jacob (Judeo-Christianity)
  • Various Divine Beasts
    • Behemoth (Judeo-Christianity); when in contact with earth
    • Leviathan (Judeo-Christianity); when in contact with water
    • Ziz (Judeo-Christianity); while flying
  • Kirby (Kirby Series)
  • Odin (Norse Mythology)
  • Magni (Norse Mythology)
  • Surtur (Norse Mythology)
  • Jörmungandr (Norse Mythology)
  • Fenrir (Norse Mythology)
  • Deities/Reality Gods (SCP Foundation)
  • The Administrator (SCP Foundation)
  • Saitama (One-Punch Man)
  • Din (The Legend of Zelda series); represents the Triforce of Power
  • Wielders of the Triforce of Power (The Legend of Zelda series)
  • Milim Nava (That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime); via Wrathful King Satan and Mana Breeder Reactor
  • Khorne (Warhammer 40k)
  • Raphael (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Id (Xenogears)
  • Obelisk the Tormentor (Yu-Gi-Oh!); via Soul Energy Max.
    • Banahm(''Rix Vanus'')

Known Objects

  • Crimson Gem of Cyttorak (Marvel Comics)
  • Destroyer (Marvel Comics)
  • Gauntlets of Ares (Marvel Comics)
  • Power Gem (Marvel Comics)
  • Triforce of Power (The Legend of Zelda series)




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