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"Look into my eyes... Your soul is stained by the blood of the innocent... Feel their pain."
― Ghost Rider (Marvel Comics)

The power to cause a variety of debilitating effects upon those who have sinned with one's stare. Not to be confused with Darkside View or Evil Eye.


The user can induce a variety of negative effects in beings who have sinned or committed evils by locking eyes with them, with the effects ranging from inflicting pain to knocking people out, or sometimes even killing people.




  • Requires eye contact to be effective.
  • Some targets may be immune.
    • Does not work on purely good beings or beings who have never sinned or are immune to sin.
    • Does not work on beings who are amoral
    • May not work against those who are apathetic or remorseless.
    • Might not work against soulless and Absolute Soul beings.
  • May work for a limited amount of time.
  • Can be reflected back.

Known Users

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