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"You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect."
― Matthew 5:48
"Action is the highest perfection and drawing forth of the utmost power, vigor, and activity of man's nature."
― Robert South
"They're all the same in my eyes, nothing but a bunch of trash. Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, Poison and Antidote, Winning and Losing, Black and White, Success and Failure, Happiness and Sorrow...They're really all the same after all."
― Najimi Ajimu (Medaka Box)

The power to be perfect. Form/Expression of Omnipotence.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Absolute/Almighty/Meta/Pata/Omni/Omnipotent/Infinite/Ultimate/Godly/Divine/Supreme/Boundless/Transcendent/Illimitable/Limitless/Unlimited/Unrestricted/Total/True/Perfect/Complete Flawlessness/Perfection


Perfection is a state, variously, of completeness, flawlessness, or supreme excellence. Users are in the condition, state and quality of being free from all possible forms of flaws or defects. If the user was not perfect from the beginning the traits and actions to achieving perfection must be flawless, the process of improving something until it is faultless or as close to faultless as possible, whether it be from magic, divinity, science etc. With perfection, there is nothing the wielder can't do and achieve.

Perfection is closely connected with other absolute qualities such as stagnation, eternity and immeasurability. Due to being perfect in all ways, users are never-changing and passive since there's they exist on the top of everything and there's no more room to improve. This essentially makes them unbeatable by any means and completely distinct from the rest of fallen beings. As perfection functions beyond all scopes, they exist independently from the entirety of everything. Users are the images of eternity and will always exist, eternally being source of perfection of all kinds.

Users perfection may prove so great that even their natural flaws and weaknesses would be perfectly altered to fit the users perfection, they'd still be considered perfect. For example, if users acts foolish they'll still be wiser than any sage or have a weakness that's stronger than any warrior ever.




Known Users

  • God (Abrahamic Religions)
  • The Monad (Gnosticism)
  • The Presence (DC Comics)
  • Lucemon X (Digimon)
  • Para Brahman (Hinduism)
  • Svayam Bhagavān (Vaishnavism)
  • Man of Miracles (Image Comics)
  • The One Above All (Marvel Comics)
  • Nemesis (Marvel Comics)
  • Najimi Ajimu (Medaka Box)
  • Fei Fong Wong (Xenogears); as the Perfect Contact
  • Rimuru Tempest (Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken); via Information King Akashic Records

Known Philosophy

  • The Form of The Good (Platonism)
  • The Forms (Platonism)