The ability to sense and avoid other objects or ledges.


The user can sense when they are about to hit an object (such as a wall) or fall off an edge and then change direction or stop to avoid hitting or falling off the object or edge. This overcomes or ignores any physical limitations such as inertia or physical forces, so this can be done at any speed, even high speed. The user senses when they are about to run into something or run off a ledge as they move towards it at any speed. When the object or edge is sensed, the user will automatically or consciously act to change direction or stop to avoid danger, all before hitting or falling off something. This can be override if the user wishes to hit the object or fall off a ledge for whatever reason.




  • Can possibly make turns or stops one does not want to make.
  • Other than forces such as friction and gravity, the user can still be affected by outside forces such as other people.

Known Users

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