The power to manipulate one’s personal anti-gravitational field. Sub-power of Anti-Gravity Manipulation. Technique of Personal Mastery. Opposite to Personal Gravity.

Also Called

  • Personal Anti-Gravitation/Anti-Gravitational Field
  • Self Anti-Gravikinesis/Gravitokinesis


The user can manipulate their personal anti-gravitational field, allowing for specialized feats of anti-force control. As anti-gravity is related to repulsion rather than attraction (gravity), one’s control over it grants them abilities such as enhanced levitation skill, flight, accelerated movement and even their own generation of personal anti-gravitons.

With training and focused effort, one’s anti-gravity field could be used to mimic superhuman strength and telekinesis, allowing one to physically move large objects and even lift and control objects remotely.





  • May be unable to manipulate anti-gravity beyond themselves.
  • Overuse of anti-gravitational field may result in physical atrophy.
  • May be countered by Gravity Manipulation.
  • Must account for effects of anti-gravity (diminished gravitational hold – less forceful attacks).

Known Users

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