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The power to manipulate one’s personal chaos effect. Sub-power of Chaos Manipulation. Technique of Personal Mastery. Opposite to Personal Order.

Also Called

  • Personal Chaotic Effect
  • Self-Chaos Manipulation


The user possesses their own personal chaos effect. Usually within their immediate vicinity, the user can create chaotic occurrences. This can range from physically disruptive and/or destructive phenomena to social discord and anarchy to localized disasters. Potentially, enough control or loss of it could lead to large-scale chaos.




  • Chaos Negation/Order Manipulation/Stabilization
  • May not have control over phenomena created by chaos.
  • May be only have chaos capabilities related to particular aspect (destabilization, disasters, weirdness, etc.).
  • May unintentionally cause dangerous chaotic effects.
  • May be tied to one's emotional state.
  • Loss of control could lead to power loss or uncontrollable chaos.
  • May unintentionally grow into wide-scale chaos.

Known Users