"Personal mastery begins by increasing our awareness about who we truly are, our strengths, limitations... Personal mastery can be achieved not only by being aware but also by controlling what is happening inside and around ourselves..."
― Assegid Habtewold

The power to have complete mastery of anything/everything related to oneselves. Ultimate form of Self Supremacy. Not to be confused with Absolute Existence.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Total Self-Mastery
  • True Personal/Self-Control


User has complete control/mastery over anything/everything related to themselves, including their own reality, space, time, particles/molecules/atoms, gravity, form, body, identity, perceptions/perspectives, mind, soul, existence, origin, habits, etc.

Any/all aspects/traits that define and relate to the user and their identity are under their complete control.





  • User is unable to control anything related to someone else.

Known Users

  • Kou Kibi (Houshin Engi)
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