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The power to manipulate one's personal optics. Sub-power of Optical Phenomena Manipulation. Technique of Personal Mastery.

Also Called

  • Personal Optical Phenomena
  • Self-Optics Manipulation


The user can create, shape and manipulate their own optical phenomena. They either possess or can manifest some inherent matter/light interaction occurrence (auroras, halos, mirages, rainbows, etc.) that can have various effects. They can range from simply creating visual phenomena to disguising appearances to potentially causing harm through concentrated photon emissions.




  • May only be able to manifest particular type of optical phenomenon.
  • May require certain conditions to manifest one’s phenomenon.
  • May only be limited to optical phenomena in one’s personal vicinity.
  • Loss of control could lead to power loss or uncontrollable optical phenomenon.
  • Darkness Manipulation/Light Absorption/Light Negation could defeat user.

Known Users