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The power to manipulate one's weak force. Sub-power to Personal Nuclear Power and Weak Force Manipulation. Technique of Personal Mastery.

Also Called

  • Personal Weak Interaction
  • Self-Weak Force Manipulation


The user is capable of manipulating the weak nuclear force within their own body. As the interaction responsible for particle decay, it plays a major role in subatomic transmutations and nuclear fission, notably the energetic emissions of stars, including the sun. By controlling this, one can manipulate various energetic/physical aspects of oneself from particle manipulation (neutrinos, positrons, etc.) to radiation projection. Feats like energy emission and physical transmutation are within one's grasp.




  • May be tied to one’s emotional state.
  • Atomic Dissociation/Bond Destruction/Nuclear Manipulation could defeat the user.
  • May be limited to specific practices (radiation, stellar energy, etc.).
  • May be limited by laws of relativity.
  • May unintentionally trigger certain matter-based effects.

Known Users