The power to force others to obey one's dominating vocal imperatives. Also known as Psychic Suggestion.


The user can compel people by speaking unresistable commands. The victims are unable to disobey; the seemingly cogent commandment is far too compelling.

At high level, can even persuade people into hurting/killing themselves, but can never cause victims to achieve what they are not capable of (ex. flight).

Strong willed subjects may be able to resist this power.


The user must be able to speak to control people, and subjects must be able to understand and hear the commands.


Some can perform:

  • truth inducing”: to force veracity by vocal questions
  • logomachy”: to speak overpowering words


Some user can only use the power of:

Belief Induction

  • The power to greatly pressure the gullibility of others with one’s spoken statements. Can cause others to trust one’s spoken words. Can cause people to vaguely consider realistic statements, like tricking a person to save an unreal person or trick someone into believing that the user is authoritative. Can even make others believe absurd notions (“deception”).

Known Users

  • Eden McCain (Heroes)
  • Kayla Silverfox (as seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine)
  • Babadi (Dragonball Z)
  • Lelouch (Code Geass)
  • Most Sith or Jedi are able to persuade beings of low mental resistance
  • Jesse Custer (Preacher - Graphic Novel)
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