The power to have the traits and abilities of Philippine deities. Variation of Transcendent Physiology.


The user can have the traits and abilities of the Deities of Philippine mythology.

The users of this power has all the supreme authority and command among the Earth's remnants as a whole. They live in a different world like it's just their ordinary alternate home like humans. By some other Pantheon stories, other Deities married and had a relationship with mortals. Some are given powers and some of their siblings too became gods and goddesses.

Ancient Philippine mythology varies among the many indigenous tribes of the Philippines. During the pre-Spanish era, some tribes believed in a single Supreme Being who created the world and everything in it, along with lesser deities. Others chose to worship a multitude of trees as an act of animism. Today the Philippines have three religions, animism in northern Luzon, Christianity in southern Luzon and in Visayas, and Islam in Mindanao.

Consistent of

  • Agta Mythology
  • Batak Mythology
  • Bikolano Mythology
  • Bilaan Mythology
  • Bukidnon Mythology
  • Gaddang Mythology
  • Ifugao Mythology
  • Igorot Mythology
  • Ilokano Mythology
  • Ilongot Mythology
  • Isneg Mythology
  • Kapampangan Mythology
  • Mangyan Mythology
  • Palawan Mythology
  • Tagalog Mythology
  • Talaandig Mythology
  • Tboli Mythology
  • Tinguian Mythology
  • Tiruray Mythology


Bikolano Deities:

Tboli Deities:

Major Deities

Siblings of The Major Tboli Deities

Sons of Hyu We

Sons of Bong Libun

Other Tboli Deities

  • Sedek We's Siblings (never mentioned)


Known Users