The ability to take photos with your eyes.

Also Called

  • Camera Eyes/Vision
  • Photographic Eyes/Vision
  • Photography Eyes


User can take a photo without the camera. All you have to do is look at something and then try to essentially capture that image in your head and the picture is taken. Developing the image from your brain to reality is simple. You just stare at a surface really hard and then the image eventually engraves itself on it.


  • If the user also possesses Psychic Photography, they can take pictures of crime scenes to use as evidence and get a job as a photographer easily.
  • User could Blind foes by having their camera flash in their eyes.
  • The user could Generate Light, if their camera has a flash.
  • The user could Zoom in for more detailed pictures or to focus on something specific when taking a picture.



  • Bad vision may make photos blurry.

Known Users

  • Telephoto/Colin Fitzmaurice (Wild Cards)
  • Certain robots (Various Media)
  • Experiment 214 "Pix" (Lilo and Stitch)
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