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"At the sea for a thousand years, and at the mountains for a thousand years, breathing the wind and drinking pure water, he passed the training of a Sennin. Enduring it all, he gained the Life Return. Humans are able to, from the hair on their head to their intestines, their toes, even to their most minute hairs, to concentrate their senses and stretch them to their limits, making it possible to control every part of their bodies."
― Kumadori to Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece)

The power to manipulate the physical conditions of oneself and/or others. Sub-power of Condition Manipulation and Biological Manipulation. Variation of Superpower Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Physical Aptitude/Capability/Condition/Parameter/Prowess Control/Manipulation


The user has complete control over the physical condition (speed, strength, stamina, etc.) of themselves and/or others, allowing them to freely alter and manipulate them.





  • May be limited to oneself or others, not both.
  • Limited to physical capabilities.

Known Users

  • Master Muten Rōshi (Dragon Ball series)
  • Six Powers/Rokushiki Users (One Piece); via Seimei Kikan/Life Return
    • Kumadori
    • Rob Lucci
  • Ant De Bonham (One Piece)