The power to be a living alternate universe or plane while also being alive.

Also Called

  • Living Plane
  • Plane Embodiment


The user possesses total control of the plane or universe that makes them up, as such they have total control of its dimensions, borders, and entrances and exits. The user can also create any form of life from itself to communicate with others or learn about the rest of existence. The can do anything they want as long as their body/existence isn't destroyed.



Known Users

  • The Hunger (The Adventure Zone)
  • Heremus (Charmed)
  • Tartarus (Greek Mythology)
  • Tiamat (GURPS)
  • The Beyonder (Marvel Comics); Pre-Retcon
  • Neth (Planescape)
  • Wormscape (Planescape)
  • The Ways (Wheel of Time)
  • Encroaching Universe Kuiper Belt (Wild Arms)


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