"DREAM! Dreams shape the world. Dreams create the world anew, every night. Do not dream the world the way it is now."
― Dream of the Endless (Vertigo/DC Comics)

The power to travel to other planes of existence in your dreams. Combination of Dream Walking and Planeswalking.

Also Called

  • Dream Traveling


User can travel to different planes in their dreams, picking up knowledge and skills from places, powers and energies that they otherwise would not be exposed to. They can bring all these things back to the world they truly reside in. Unlike planeswalking, some may not physically enter these different planes.




  • Oneiric Immunity
  • Even if the user is not physically there, damage received while Planes Dreaming may still affect actual body.
    • User may die in real-time if they die while Planes Dreaming.
  • Weak against Dream Negation and Dream Destruction.

Known Users

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